HIRO for Supply Chain

Increase supply chain responsiveness by automating up to 90% of end-to-end supply chain processes.

Responsive is one of the key parameters that define a successful supply chain. It has direct impact on company’s customer service, cost and revenue.

The key issue that supply chain leaders face on day-to-day basis is to streamline all blocks of supply chain in order to respond fast to continuously changing demand forecast.

Change in forecast leads to time consuming repetitive tasks such as checking material availability at all levels of bill of materials, purchase order processing, updating ERP systems etc., to be accomplished under a tight time constraint. This often leads to human errors as well as frustration in highly skilled workers.

In a complex supply chain network, a planner may deal with an average of 5000 different SKUs with each bill of material going up to 100 materials.

Current ERP systems have managed to achieve very low level of automation with such massive interlinked datasets.

Our Solutions

Proactive alerts on outages to minimize out-of -stocks

Elimination of human errors by integrating with different sources for data collection

Orchestration of existing automation tools and scripts

HIRO’s advanced AI automates up to 90% of the day-to-day tasks in end-to-end supply chain planning, allowing planners to focus on more intellectually stimulating and rewarding tasks.

Proactive detection of out-of-stock situations by automating checks on forecast, materials at each level of BOM, production capacity & warehouse storage capacity. Depending on the type of outage, HIRO can also decide on the mitigation plan

Automated compilation of reports by collecting data from different ERP systems and databases to minimize human error. Thus, empowering supply chain managers to focus their time and energy on value adding tasks as advanced analysis and decision making.

Orchestration of existing automation scripts and tools autonomously maintaining and fixing the failures.

Based on agile automation methodology, our solutions deliver up to 90% automation by capturing knowledge of the subject matter experts

From real time resolution of IT tickets to proactive inventory alerts, HIRO can handle wide range of tasks with its versatile design.

IT Service Management

Minimize resolution time by automating level 1 and level 2 support tasks in IT Service Management (ITSM)



Transform finance department by automating the knowledge through entire value chain – from accountants to value managers


Human Resources

Increase Employee Satisfaction Index by automating more than 90% HR tasks 


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