Product Desciption

arago HIRO SaaS combines an artificial intelligence-based automation engine with a deep-learning-based knowledge management engine, providing a framework to codify organizational knowledge and experience and to augment and/or automate processes. This unique mixture of technology allows HIRO to solve tasks as a new team member being trained up; eliminating the need for writing end-to-end scripts for each step of the process and then having to update them each time the process or components in the process change.
Through the Master Services Agreement, you are granted access to the core product components of HIRO defined as follows:
  1. HIRO Data Platform is a distributed semantic graph database where customer data is stored securely in the cloud. This data includes a model of the logical and physical environment to be automated, stored knowledge in the form of Knowledge Items, tickets or tasks to be automated and logs and records of actions taken.
  2. The HIRO automation engine determines potential solutions to tickets submitted by the customer by taking into consideration the ticket details, contextual knowledge it has of the environment and logs of previous actions taken that are stored in the HIRO Data Platform. that automates based on your data provided to HIRO.
  3. Access to HIRO APIs to interact with HIRO.

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