90% end-to-end process automation enabled by AI

HIRO uses AI to automate a process autonomously based on knowledge provided by your employees

HIROTM is the first ever automation solution which uses Advanced AI to mimic the humans for learning and applying knowledge

Integrating HIROTM in the organization is just like onboarding a new hire.

Phase 1: On-Boarding
Similar to a new employee, HIRO gets access to the information systems

Phase 2: Learning
Experts start training HIRO (new hire) on the basics of the job

Phase 3: Solving Basic Tasks
HIRO starts exploring the environment and solving basic tasks with the guidance of experts

How Knowledge Automation Works

HIRO is sent tasks to do and an employee gives HIRO the knowledge to complete the task by teaching HIRO the required steps

As HIRO learns more knowledge, it is able to automate tasks by itself based on knowledge supplied by its teachers

Over time HIRO acquires enough knowledge to automate autonomously 90% of all end-to-end process tasks sent to it

Knowledge Automation Compared to Traditional Automation



Automation of end-to-end process and variations

Automation of small steps within an end-to-end process

No initial analysis required, automate process as-is, knowledge to complete task is broken down into “micro-scripts” representing a single step in the process

Extensive analysis required up front (including process mining) to define frequent and steps in a process that can be completed by a repetitive “bot” or script

HIRO’s AI is used to then figure out how to accomplish tasks by figuring out which steps to execute next based on current context and the task itself

Each variation in a process (or environment) requires a new bot as the automations cannot adapt to change limiting scalability and adding management complexity to maintain

As HIRO dynamically creates the automation using stored knowledge for each task using knowledge, it readily adapts to change, is highly scalable and requires minimal maintenance

Automations limited to high frequency and static process steps that require human supervision, limiting efficiencies

Achieves 90% end-to-end process automation

Can achieve 30% end-to-end process automation

Powered by Advanced AI, Knowledge Automation overcomes the inherent challenges of Traditional Automation. It is dynamic in nature and adapts to change in system, process and environment delivering 90% end-to-end automation. Traditional Automation, on the other hand, have been able to achieve maximum 30% automation owing to their static and context unaware design.

Other Advantages of HIRO

  • No black box – Automation is fully auditable

  • Works with existing data and systems, no need to secure large pools of structured data

  • Does not require a new model or data refresh for each new automation

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