HIRO for Human Resources

Increase Employee Satisfaction Index by automating more than 90% HR tasks 

HR teams around the world constantly endure repetitive tasks with growing teams across scaling companies. Most organizations struggle to achieve a good mix of governance, technology and process changes to quickly assimilate new employees into the working structure.


In a world where working remotely is the new normal, employee on-boarding checklists have become even longer. It is now more important than ever to provide employees with all the required IT & security accesses as soon as possible.  Garter has recognized employee on-boarding as one of the major of truth’ for the employees and is found to have significant impact on Employee Satisfaction Index

Our Solutions

Automates more than 90% of day to day manual tasks of a HR manager

Coordinates autonomously between different systems and teams

Flexible enough to easily accommodate the changes in HR policies and company structure

HIRO automates up to 99% of the HR on boarding process by creating new employee accounts in Employee Management Systems, providing all the required IT & security accesses, updating data and tracking documentation.

HIRO automates day to day activities of a HR manager such as setting up new employee data in different systems, ensuring that the data is updated. It can track if there is any missing data or information from the employee and can follow up. This results in significant FTE savings and the HR manager can focus their time on more value adding tasks.

HIRO coordinates autonomously between different systems and teams. Once an employee ID is created, HIRO can use the ID to create and track the employee data in different systems as HR, Finance, ERP etc. HIRO can also coordinate between different teams and highlight if there is any error or mismatch in the records.

HIRO is flexible enough to easily accommodate the changes in HR policies and company structures. As there are no hard coded decision trees, it is very simple to adjust if there are any changes in HR policies or change in employee status. Users can simply teach HIRO about the change and it will adjust the entire process by itself.

Based on agile automation methodology, our solutions deliver up to 90% automation by capturing knowledge of the subject matter experts

From real time resolution of IT tickets to proactive inventory alerts, HIRO can handle wide range of tasks with its versatile design.

IT Service Management

Minimize resolution time by automating level 1 and level 2 support tasks in IT Service Management (ITSM)


Supply Chain Management

Increase supply chain responsiveness by generating proactive alerts in end-to-end Supply Chain



Transform finance department by automating the knowledge through entire value chain – from accountants to value managers


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