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Breakthroughthe Limits of RPA

HIRO helps you go beyond the patchwork of automation and bridge the gap with easy to scale end-to-end automation

HIRO  accelerates the digital transformation using Advanced AI.

While RPA projects often get stuck due to high maintenance efforts, HIRO provides an automation solution that’s easier to adapt, faster to implement, and more cost-effective.
Discover how HIRO’s Advanced AI and Knowledge Automation delivers these superior results:

1. Dynamic End-to-End automation

Up to 90% automation with HIRO using Advance AI

2. Proactive root cause analysis 

Eliminating problems before they become a ticket

3. Lower operating costs 

Easy to maintain and handle the process variations

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Our customers have achieved up to

Accuracy in ticket triaging compared to 50% accuracy before implementing HIRO

Reduction in Level 2 service tickets by identifying & solving problems proactively

HIRO is a strategic choice that will allow us grow our service portfolio” - Dr. Berthold Kaib, Senior Vice President, Swisscom