“Just Add Digital” – It’s not just a fancy slogan for us; it’s the ethos that drives everything we do at Almato.

For over two decades, we’ve pioneered digital innovation, expertly transforming complex business processes into seamless digital operations for leading enterprises and public sector organizations. With our cutting-edge solutions, we are all about creating the state of the art in process automation and business-critical software development. Through our subsidiary, Almato AI GmbH, we are fortifying our dedication to the realm of artificial intelligence.

Our Vision

Almato AI strives to bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to enterprise customers all over the world through Knowledge Automation. That’s why our dedicated experts developed HIRO, a solution that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to autonomously optimize processes, extracting valuable insights directly from the combined knowledge of our clients’ teams.

We believe that the greatest value of AI lies in collaborating with humans to automate urgent time consuming tasks. This allows people and companies to focus on more challenging and innovative work, leading to a greater sense of worth and creating real value.

Moreover, we are steadfast in our conviction that AI’s true benefits lie not in replacing human workers but in amplifying their potential.

Our mission is to empower human potential, allowing for the liberation of time dedicated to creativity and innovative thinking through the application of artificial intelligence.

Our team

Our rockstar team: We’re a powerhouse of industry virtuosos. From our German offices in Stuttgart, Reutlingen, and Neu-Isenburg, to the tech hub of Barcelona, our 150-strong force of top-tier talent is what makes us successful. We go beyond the delivery; we create advanced digital solutions that place our clients at the leading edge of their industries. Clients such as Depot, Deutsche Telekom, Fraport, HanseMerkur, Sparda banks, as well as public institutions like the state of Bavaria.

Hans-Christian Boos

Chris Boos

Chris Boos is a true pioneer in artificial intelligence. He has long been engaged in globally significant topics, including the human-machine relationship and how societies navigate information and the future of work. As a recognized speaker and thought leader, he brings valuable insights to these topics.


Christian Sauter

Christian Sauter brings extensive experience in the field of digital transformation, serving as the CEO of Almato AG and Almato AI.


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